Odyssey AdminWeb Demo

Your patrons, your job, your life—none of it is static. Why stay tied down to a specific terminal for Odyssey PCS®? Do everything you do in Odyssey, from wherever you are, on any web-enabled device, with AdminWeb.

On this webinar, we will demo the redesigned user interface highlighting the new menu-driven navigational features including favorites and preference options.

We will demo and discuss:

  • Patron pages—how to do meal plan updates and picture updates, void transactions, etc.
  • Plans pages—meal plan and payroll deduction plan configuring and updating
  • Sales and Activities—option to push activities and sales to mobile devices
  • The steps to implement and expected timelines (those on version 6.0 or greater, this can happen during the length of a phone call)

Want a sneak peek? Check out our short video on the three things you will love about Odyssey AdminWeb from our popular To the Point series.

Presented by
Steve Weaver, CBORD
Moderator: Angela Sarno, CBORD

Originally Presented: 04/05/2016

Odyssey AdminWeb Demo