Protect Employees & Reduce Costs with GET and Odyssey Direct

CBORD's cloud-based solutions help with physical distancing and cost reduction.

CBORD understands the importance of limiting personal interactions for your staff, and we realize many of our customers need to reduce costs in the aftermath of the pandemic. We also know our fully hosted, cloud-based solutions for e-commerce and cashless payments, GET and Odyssey Direct, can help.

To make it as easy as possible for you to add GET Food and migrate your on-premise Odyssey system to Odyssey Direct in the cloud, we’re offering a special promotion. From now through the end of the year, all Odyssey One and Odyssey PCS customers will receive a discount on a GET Food subscription when you move to Odyssey Direct.

Let’s look at some of the reasons these two systems together will help you protect your employees and reduce costs in these challenging times.

Social Distancing
CBORD's GET Food lets your employees use their mobile devices to place food orders without any personal interaction with your food service staff.

The GET app also provides benefits that go way beyond the food ordering for physical distancing aspects. The app can also let your employees manage their account, opt-in to payroll deduction, use it in place of an ID card, and much more. With GET, your staff can:

  • Order food from on-site dining venues for pickup or delivery
  • View menus and pictures of food items
  • Pay with employee account funds
  • Practice social distancing with contactless food ordering and account management

Cost Savings & Increased Revenue
As a customer using our on-premise Odyssey solution, you’ll save time and money when you move to Odyssey Direct in the cloud. Imagine no more servers to purchase or maintain; no downtime for upgrades, updates, and patches; no monitoring, backups, disaster recovery, or diagnostics.

With GET and Odyssey Direct, you’re making it more convenient for employees to buy from your retail venues using their account funds and payroll deduction. We’ve found that employees generally spend more when paying with account funds, and the app includes features that help with up-selling. This means more revenue—and no credit card transaction fees—for your organization.

Cloud Advantages
With Odyssey Direct, you get all the system functionality of your on-premise Odyssey system and all the benefits of a hosted, cloud-based solution.

  • No software to install, no server to maintain, and no database administrator required.
  • Users are always running the most current version.
  • CBORD manages and monitors the system, so you don’t have to.

Winning Combination
Together, Odyssey Direct and GET give you a modern, fully hosted e-commerce and cashless payment solution.

Your employees will appreciate the convenient self-service app that helps them practice social distancing. Your organization will appreciate the reduced costs and improved revenue.

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