Open Call to Submit Product Enhancement Suggestions

The CBORD® User Community has long been the driving force of product enhancements, and we invite all users to submit product enhancement suggestions. We receive feedback and product ideas through multiple channels including customer support, the sales and client development teams, the CBORD community Listservs, and during our annual User Group Conference.

You can help drive our patron-centered focus by submitting your own suggestions and voting on the list of enhancements to help us understand the ones most relevant to your work and your organization.

Submitting Product Enhancements

Starting October 2 and continuing until October 13, 2017, customers with a CBORD account login can submit suggestions and vote on enhancements here.

After you log in, select one or more Common Interest Groups. NOTE: You will see this screen only once, so be sure to select all of the groups you want to suggest or vote in.

Each community member may submit up to five enhancement suggestions and distribute a total of 100 votes in each Common Interest Group. Concentrate all of your votes on a single enhancement or spread your votes across many enhancements—it's up to you! Remember to use all of your 100 votes in each of your Common Interest Groups.

Join the Discussion

At UGC later this month, CBORD Product Managers will host caucus discussions about the enhancement suggestions we receive. But you do not have to attend the User Group Conference to submit or vote on enhancement requests.

Thank you for collaborating with us!