Have you been wondering about migrating to Odyssey Direct?  

Whether it’s switching to new software, buying a new phone, or updating your kitchen appliances, we all want to know that making an upgrade will be worth it. What’s more, not every campus is a good candidate for upgrading to Odyssey Direct! At CBORD, we want to help you choose the right system for your campus and ensure that you’ll truly get the most benefit possible from our product. That’s why we’ve invited Chris Lockwood, business analyst at CBORD, to join us for a webinar that will dive into what Odyssey Direct can bring to your organization.  

Chris discusses the features of Odyssey Direct and what the roadmap for future developments looks like; he’ll also discuss some of our 150+ deployed and active instances. Whether any of these applications seem relevant to your campus or simply raise a few questions for you, we hope you’ll stay on for a robust Q&A where Chris can provide additional information and clarity. Odyssey Direct is our most powerful, integrated, and easy-to-use offering yet; join us to see what it can do for your campus.  

Register to hear from CBORD’s Chris Lockwood as we explore what Odyssey Direct has to offer and its most successful use cases.

Questions? Please email Katelyn Miller, higher education marketing manager.

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