Our Favorite Ideas from NACCU 2016

This year's NACCU Conference drew almost 500 attendees looking to grow their card program through networking, educational sessions, and exploring the technology exhibit. And while we are overwhelmed with inspiration and ideas, these are the top three topics that have been on our minds since we left San Francisco.

Could Hollywood be the reason biometric adoption is so slow?

Examining the slow adoption rate of biometrics on higher education campuses, some theorize that even though biometric solutions are more economically viable now than they ever have been, we haven't culturally reconciled with the idea. Biometrics still have a stigma of being invasive—a stigma perpetuated by Hollywood and other media.

But with young Americans getting more and more comfortable with having less and less privacy, along with increased exposure to biometrics—thank you iPhone fingerprint readers—we may begin to see more movement on biometric adoption rates on campuses.

See Mark McKenna, Director of CATcard Service Center at the University of Vermont and winner of the NACCU 2016 Distinguished Service Award, discuss the evolution of campus credentials, including biometrics.

Reconciling data sharing with student privacy

Collecting and sharing data from card systems has brought forth a lot of questions about student privacy. While some institutions have very explicit privacy policies that determine what administrators can and cannot do with data, the majority of schools have vague policies. Navigating current and future privacy policies will become increasingly important as campuses look to system data for student retention purposes.

The importance of telling your card program's story

From Steve Donahue's keynote session onward, the idea of telling your card program's story was woven through the conference. Educating other departments on the capabilities—and possibilities—of the card system is crucial for petitioning new projects, expanding current programs, and creating systems integrations. Suggested avenues for demonstrating card system capabilities/possibilities: showing how many touchpoints are currently on campus, e.g., card holders, doors, POS terminals; aligning the card system with larger, cross-departmental initiatives like campus safety; and looking at successful programs on other campuses.

How did NACCU 2016 inspire you? Connect with CBORD and share how we will both move forward this year. Until then, we will see you in Orlando for NACCU 2017.