Our Favorite UGC 2016 Moments and Ideas

This year we challenged all of our UGC 2016 attendees to “make the connection.” And to make that connection with their peers, their CBORD systems, and new ideas for applying CBORD systems. It was a difficult task narrowing down the top 10 things we loved at UGC 2016, but after hearing feedback from our users and debating in the office, we were able to put this list together.

  1. Sharon Solomon from Morrison Healthcare outlined the importance of accurate and standardized medical records to prevent cross-contamination of food for patients with allergies. Standardization in information does not need to conflict with creativity when organizing records or menus.
  2. Hospitals and healthcare facilities are shifting their focus from treatment of patients to fostering a collaborative relationship with patients. Kirsty Maunder’s discussion of “Participatory Medicine and Patient Room Service” highlighted how patient engagement is promoted through patients making their own food choices.
  3. Congratulations to each of the 2016 Excellence Awards winners. With 25 years of experience at Virginia Tech and her invaluable insight helping the product development team, Julie Wesel embodied what it means to go Above and Beyond. This year’s winner of the One CBORD Award was Aurora Health Care, a network of 15 hospitals in Wisconsin and Illinois. Standardizing food and nutrition operations at all of their facilities was made much easier and efficient with CBORD products. HealthShare of New South Wales won the Visionary Award for their creative use of reports and data analytics that enhanced their food service delivery operations.
  4. CBORD’s Kate Hill’s session on how a Point of Sale Interface for Retail Dining outlined the potential good information and data can have on a hospital retail food operation. Identifying points of slippage and making small adjustments can have a big impact on your bottom line.
  5. Attendees got to see a sneak peek of two new GET features, a rewards/loyalty functionality as well as the option to purchase a Student Advantage membership through the app.
  6. This year CBORD expanded the scope of eligible voters for our product enhancements. Because of this we also extended the dates for online voting until November 17, 2016. Winners were announced on December 1, 2016. Thanks go out to our users who gave their valuable feedback by participating in this vote.
  7. Congratulations go out to Doug Carr of WellStar Cobb Hospital and Medical Center, Rosie Niz from Sutter Health Sacramento Sierra Region, Kathy Gallagher of Villanova University, Nima Namaei of the University of Chicago, Rob Thayer of Salem State University, and Mikhail Illin of Suffolk University for their re-elections. Congratulations Bill Strickland from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville as the newly elected alternate representative for the Higher Education CS Gold® Caucus on our User Advisory Council (UAC).
  8. There is no reason an automated kitchen operation and culinary creativity my chefs can’t work together. Erica Hamilton from The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center shared her experiences of creating a dynamic teamwork environment. See our interview with Erica Hamilton about her session “Getting Chef Buy-In” for more.
  9. Toni Ralston shared her experiences adapting Nutrition Service Suite® to fit the cultural and dietary standards of Cleveland Clinic’s healthcare operation in Abu Dhabi. From organizing the service operations to accommodate cultural gender norms to checking (and double checking) English/Arabic translations, there was so much to learn.
  10. UGC 2017 will be in Phoenix, Arizona. Call for sessions will begin in January. Registration opens in May. We look forward to seeing you there.