Our Top 10 Takeaways: Technology on Community and Technical College Campuses

In the past 10 years, we have seen an incredible evolution of the community college landscape—the student experience has become paramount when looking at overall student success. Many two-year institutions have responded to the unique needs of nontraditional students by providing services like childcare and work-life balance counseling. Yet at the same time, there has been a trend of community and technical colleges becoming more like four-year institutions—facilitating a holistic student experience that students would find if they were living on campus.

Auxiliary Services has become instrumental in facilitating and managing these types of services. During the recent webinar, Card System Technologies and the Student Experience at Community and Technical Colleges, we discussed the role of auxiliary services and technology with Kyle Chase, Onondaga Community College; Kym Bridgers, Northern Virginia Community College; and Sharon Gatlin, Texas State Technical College. Here are our top 10 takeaways.

  1. Systems training is vital. Knowing the ins and outs of your system not only makes you a more effective admin but. . .
  2. "What else can I do with my system?" Most sites purchase a system to address one problem, however, understanding a system's potential is instrumental in maximizing your investment. We cannot emphasize enough that a card system is so much more than a meal plan attached to an ID card.
  3. NOVA card makes life easy. The motto for Northern Virginia Community College's campus card encapsulates the beauty of a robust system's presence on campus. It gives students the ability to move through the campus with "one-card".
  4. Share systems across multiple campuses. Texas State Technical College has 11 campuses across the state—all of which are able to share a database and enterprise system.
  5. Supporting the college's education mission. Texas State Technical College allows their Culinary Arts Department to use their Oracle® | MICROS® 3700 system to teach students the systems they will be using in a food service setting post-college.
  6. Technology is important to a technical school. But really any school—students come to college expecting to be able to use the newest technologies.
  7. Kyle Chase makes life easier for bookstore employees and students. Chase is up for an award because of his financial aid automation processes within the CS Gold® system. He estimates it has saved weeks of man-hours for bookstore employees and countless hours of students waiting for financial aid refund checks.
  8. Life outside the classroom affects life inside the classroom. Students only have so much bandwidth, and if you can make life easier outside the campus, students are able to devote more time and energy inside the classroom.
  9. How to get stakeholders onboard to implement campus systems. Share with them what other campuses are doing with similar systems—we at CBORD would be thrilled to connect you with a neighboring school to visit and see how that institution has applied their campus enterprise systems.
  10. The CBORD community is a resource. Webinars, eNews, the User Group Conference, Listservs—these are all ways for you to connect with your peers and find out how they are applying their enterprise systems.

Want more advice on implementing a campus enterprise system? Or want to learn how to maximize your current enterprise system? Watch the entire on-demand webinar, Card System Technologies and the Student Experience at Community and Technical Colleges.