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Program Summary

The CBORD® Partner Xchange Program is a technology alliance partner program designed to support CBORD system users by creating certified, robust data exchanges with third-party system solution providers. The Xchange Program provides not only the technical relationship for data exchanges between CBORD systems and third-party system providers, but also offers a defined set of marketing and support services.

Program Availability

The Xchange Program is open to all solutions partners. Enrollment is available for partners in all segments, including

  • Independent Software Vendors (ISVs)
  • Independent Hardware Vendors (IHVs)
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

Value of Participation

When you become a member of the Xchange Program, you are partnering with one of the world's leading providers of campus and cashless card systems, food and nutrition service management software, nationwide student discount and off-campus commerce programs, housing and judicial process management software, and integrated security solutions. CBORD prides itself on being the only provider that can offer such a broad portfolio of solutions designed to improve our clients' daily operations and help them provide their customers with greater convenience and satisfaction.

We serve colleges and universities, healthcare facilities, supermarkets, continuing care facilities, corporations, and a host of other market segments. Our products and services are used by more than 6,000 organizations in the U.S., Canada, Europe, South Africa, New Zealand, the Middle East, and Australia.

The Xchange Program will give you what you need to deliver enhanced value to our shared customers. We offer benefits such as development assistance, technical resources and support, and marketing opportunities.

Program Benefits

Development Assistance
We provide the data exchange specifications for the partner to use to create the data exchange. CBORD provides a reasonable amount of technical assistance, via phone and email, during the data exchange development process. CBORD also provides reasonable assistance to a new partner in the certification testing of the resulting data exchange. Extraordinary technical assistance required by a Partner during the development and certification testing process may be provided by CBORD for additional costs.


  • Integration analysis/best practices conference call
  • Telephone support for data exchange development process
  • Testing and certification
  • Updates to licensed API and telephone support to Partner for data exchange

Technical Support Assistance
CBORD provides, as part of the Xchange Program, ongoing technical support for the joint diagnosis of technical problems with the data exchange. Extraordinary technical assistance required by a partner for subsequent support activities may be provided by CBORD for additional costs.

Marketing Assistance
As part of the Xchange Program, partners connect with our thriving customer community in many ways:

  • Partner permitted use of the CBORD Xchange affiliation on marketing materials.
  • CBORD provides Partner with CBORD Xchange collateral for use in tradeshow exhibits.
  • Partner listing on cbord.com / CBORD listing on Partner website.
  • A mutually agreed-upon marketing opportunity each year, such as an eNewsletter article to target market or social media promotional content. (www.cbord.com/partners)
  • Sponsorship opportunities to our annual User Group Conference. Sponsorship levels vary and may include advertising, staff attendance passes, an exhibit space, and possibly an educational session slot during the conference.

Program Fees

Program fees vary dependent on the CBORD solution for the Xchange but may include an initial and ongoing annual license fee paid to CBORD by the Partner. The resulting data exchange(s) from this program are licensed to CBORD customers at an initial and ongoing annual license fee rate determined by CBORD and paid to CBORD by the customer prior to the data exchange being implemented by either CBORD or the Partner at that customer’s site.

How to Enroll

We receive requests for data exchanges to CBORD systems from a variety of sources. Requests are evaluated based on the following criteria:

  • Data exchange is requested by a CBORD customer; exchanges will not be developed prior to a client request.
  • Data exchange provides new functionality that extends the usefulness of the licensed CBORD system at a joint customer location.
  • The Partner is able to provide excellent service to a joint customer. Not every application will be accepted. CBORD wishes to grow the Xchange Program with partners who provide our customers a needed value where there is also a good business case for creating and maintaining the resulting data exchange(s).
  • The likelihood of the resulting data exchange being licensed by multiple customers.

Please note that not every application can be accepted. Upon acceptance into the Xchange Program, a partner is required to complete and sign an agreement outlining the relationship between the Partner and CBORD, as well as the license and nondisclosure requirements related to CBORD’s intellectual property involved in creating a data exchange. If you are interested in becoming a partner, apply now.

CBORD Xchange Program Contact Information

Contact Angela Varano, anv@cbord.com or phone 607.257.2410, Ext. 2793.

Notice: Description of the Xchange Program is subject to change without prior notices. This material may not be reproduced, in part or in whole, by mechanical or electronic means, without written permission from The CBORD Group, Inc.