You've got the locks, the cameras, and a campus safety team. But if you are still looking for an answer to "what else" you can do on campus when it comes to keeping your patrons safe, we have an idea: CBORD has recently rolled out a free 90-day trial of our personal tracking app, Pathlight®.

Pathlight allows users to request temporary tracking via their smartphones, for instance, when walking alone at night. There are options to call for help, report safety issues like broken lights and propped doors, and to text campus safety if they see an incident in progress.

Join us for a 30 minute Q&A with the Pathlight Product Manager to learn more about how the trial can work on your campus. The phone lines will be open, so come with your questions about process, implementation and timelines.

Want to learn more? Watch a short video from our popular To the Point series.

Presented by
Tim O'Neill, Pathlight Pundit, CBORD
Moderator: Angela Sarno, Pathlight Proponent, CBORD

Originally Presented: 02/25/2016