CBORD’s GET app has a brand-new feature that allows you more flexibility and control over how your payments are routed. Ordering venues defined in your GET system can link to separate merchant accounts. That means you’re now able to onboard multiple departments with separate credit card merchant accounts (MIDs) for sales processing and routing.

This session will explore:

  • How multiple MIDs are used
  • The flexibility and control of how payments are processed and routed
  • GET Admin Reporting with multiple MIDs
  • Persolvent benefits and how they are supporting this feature already

Join our webinar as Brenden Meisinger, CBORD product owner, discusses how setting up the GET multiple MIDs feature at your institution can help you today. Special guest host Ryan Beck, VP of business development at Persolvent, will be on to discuss how Persolvent is supporting this feature and the benefits of using Persolvent as a full payment processing solution, including potential cost savings over what you’re paying today.

Questions? Please email Katelyn Miller, higher education marketing manager.

Perfecting Payment Processing with GET Multiple Merchant IDs