Position Your POS for Success with CBORD and Oracle

Is your point-of-sale system ready for the new normal in healthcare dining?

Going forward, healthcare dining operations will need to be lean and adaptable—including point of sale.

A focus on cost reduction is more important than ever, especially when many are operating with fewer resources and shrinking budgets. Plus, you’ll need to be prepared to adjust operations at a moment’s notice to accommodate things like supply shortages, price changes, and physical distancing just to name a few.

The best way to position your POS for success is to move it to Oracle Food and Beverage Simphony Cloud.

Gain centralized control for adaptability.
As an enterprise solution, Simphony Cloud gives you centralized control. This means you can consolidate your sites and registers into one system, allowing you to perform maintenance and make updates once for all registers and all locations. With Simphony Cloud, you can quickly:

  • Add new menu items
  • Adjust pricing
  • Offer promotions
  • Implement innovations in payment and service, such as self-order kiosks

Leverage the cloud to reduce costs.
Moving your POS to the cloud offers significant cost savings and other advantages. There is no software to install, no server to purchase or maintain, and no database administrator required. Users are always running the most current version, and CBORD manages and monitors the system for you. Simphony Cloud provides all the advantages of a hosted solution including:

  • Minimized onsite technology burden
  • Enhanced data security
  • Improved system adaptability
  • Increased ordering speed and accuracy

Improve service with updated POS hardware.
Your POS hardware can make a world of difference in your operation. Current hardware offerings like Oracle MICROS Workstation 6 (WS6) provide several benefits including increased processor speed, a more vibrant touchscreen experience, and a fully supported operating system.

Plus, WS6 is available with a kiosk enclosure so you can provide a modern, contactless self-ordering option to protect your customers and staff.

If you’re currently using any legacy Workstation 4 or 5 hardware, remember these items will no longer be supported. We encourage you to upgrade to the Workstation 6 (WS6) series to keep your operation running smoothly.

Now is the time to position your POS for success.

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