Predictive Analytics for Student Success: A Webinar from CBORD and Rapid Insight

As institutions focus on how best to support student success initiatives, they want to be sure that their decision-making is well informed and includes the whole picture. Key to completing this picture is integrating technologies to capture and utilize student ID card data for housing, foodservice, and other campus activities and events.

In a joint webinar on July 20, 2017, Rapid Insight and CBORD discussed the types of data that is captured with CBORD card systems and how this data can easily be integrated into student retention predictive models. These models are a proven way to use data to identify students who can benefit from additional support. Adding data that extends beyond what’s found in a typical student information system produces retention models that are much more accurate and insightful.

The presentation included discussion of several case studies that show how institutions are already doing this with CBORD systems, as well as a software demonstration of integrating card swipe data into a predictive model using Rapid Insight software tools.

Predictive Analytics Webinar

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