Pro Tip: Use Mobile Intake to Re-Engineer Your Menus

Are your menu items really satisfying patients and meeting their expectations?

That's a question that is easy to answer if you take a close look at the information gathered every time your staff uses Mobile Intake®. Most organizations use Mobile Intake to monitor patient nutrition and to reduce costs due to food waste. Here's another way to get the most out of this tool: analyze the data you're collecting and use it to re-engineer your menus.

With Mobile Intake your chef will know immediately when a menu item is unpopular, because staff record intake using a tablet as they collect trays, providing real-time reporting on exactly which foods are being consumed, and how much is being left on the plate. Eliminate foods that are ordered frequently but not consumed. Improve recipes, consistencies, and food temperatures for items that are ordered but are not fully consumed.

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Improve patient satisfaction by effectively observing their eating habits and responding accordingly. When you serve more of the food patients love, satisfaction scores will rise. But Mobile Intake can inform menu design in other ways too. For example, it's a great way to evaluate new products from your suppliers. Try out a new menu item and watch the intake data to test its popularity.

Mobile Intake helps you track trends so you can make menu adjustments. Powerful data aggregation of item consumption patterns will help you track trends by individual items or courses so you can make menu adjustments. In addition, there is reporting available that provides summaries of meal consumption by tray including nutritional content, and item suitability.

Mobile Intake allows you to address nutritional issues in other ways. Want to measure the effectiveness of oral supplements among a certain group of patients? You can set up a study protocol and collect data using Mobile Intake to compare the nutritional contribution that oral supplements provide above and beyond or compared to standard meals.

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