Productivity. Revenue. Employee Satisfaction: A Discussion with New Hanover Regional Medical Center

For more than a decade, New Hanover Regional Medical Center has been cultivating a culture of convenience for employees all centered on the ID Badge and spending. From dining to pharmacy to walk in clinic co-pays, the employee payroll deduct account is the way to pay.

And it doesn’t stop there: with an inventive array of declining and inclining balance options, gift cards, employee rewards and recognition cards, and online ordering, employees and visitors have easy options to pay for just about everything they need. Join us for a conversation about the impact this technology and the ID badge have had on employee satisfaction and the bottom line.

We will discuss:

  • The upside of automated reporting
  • How technology has impacted employee engagement
  • Options for ID and gift card payments, use cases for deployment
  • Operational considerations for implementation
  • The future!

Presented by
Brian Jackson, New Hanover Regional Medical Center
Shawn Gilbert, CBORD
Moderator: Angela Sarno, CBORD

Originally Presented: 03/17/2016

Productivity. Revenue. Employee Satisfaction

A Discussion with New Hanover Regional Medical Center