Featured CBORD Products

Foodservice Suite®

Automate your foodservice operation and manage your inventory using Foodservice Suite®. The program works to lower your costs, manage productivity and reduce waste across the entire operation.

CS Gold®

The Windows-based CS Gold® card system sets a high standard for integrated ID card software. Its wide range of convergent applications, advanced software architecture, and easy-to-use graphical user interface place CS Gold securely atop the most robust ID card software systems available today.

Odyssey PCS™

Odyssey PCS™ is a flexible, user-friendly one-card system designed for ease of use and minimal system maintenance. This expandable technology includes extensive functionality for dining, vending, laundry, copying, purchasing, and more.

Room Service Choice™

Room Service Choice® offers a web-based mobile meal ordering application accessible from any web browser, including an iPad® or other mobile tablets. You can offer meal selections at the bedside or in a call center for multiple types of meal service.

CS Access™

CS Access™, CBORD's IP-based door access control system, works with CS Gold®, Odyssey PCS™, and Odyssey HMS™ to provide integrated access control. Combined with a comprehensive line of intelligent control panels and dual technology readers, CS Access provides a total access control solution.


CBORD's housing management system provides hassle-free room selection, inventory management, check in/out, room condition reporting, work order requests, contact management, and much more. Plus, its many web-based modules give students and staff easy online and mobile access to the powerful system.