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Welcome to the CBORD Higher Education Product Update site. Our goal is to keep you informed about the latest developments with our higher education solutions. Use the links below to access the product update details for each solution set.

  Campus Card

To summarize our recent development efforts into one word...

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  Dining & Retail

We continue to stay current on all new versions of point of sale...

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We're working toward a hosted solution by 2020...

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  Integrated Security

The CS Gold team has been hard at work...

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Standard Rates End September 6

UGC is the year's most important education and networking opportunity for CBORD users. It's a chance for all of us to celebrate and share all the amazing ways people engage CBORD technology to meet their operational goals and achieve success. Register now, hotel rooms are going fast.

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The 40th UGC

This year we are celebrating 40 years of UGC. Dedicated and enthusiastic users from across the country and around the globe have made our conference the most important education and networking opportunity available to CBORD customers. Share your UGC memories on the CBORD Community Forum.

How do you measure the value of UGC?

"Coming to UGC gives me a better picture—a really quick synopsis of what’s going on and what to look forward to coming down the road."

–Troy Honeycutt, Grinnell College