Promoting GET CBORD Student on Your Campus

Did you know CBORD offers marketing support to promote GET CBORD Student and UGryd on your campus?

From posters to stickers, email templates to digital graphics, we can help you create custom marketing materials to expand your campus card program.

Watch our on-demand webinar with Amanda Correa, eCommerce marketing manager, as she introduces you to:

  • Effective marketing tactics from customers
  • Resources available to you in the marketing toolkit
  • Ways to create a campaign and request graphics
  • Best practices for successful marketing and more

Learn how you can effectively promote GET CBORD Student to your students.

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Presented by:

Amanda Correa, CBORD and Horizon Software

Lunchtime on a college campus can be hectic. Hungry students are often rushing between classes and meetings to grab a meal, and often frustrated by long lines during peak dining hours. Offering a variety of ways patrons can place food orders helps decrease those long lines and increase student satisfaction.

Join our webinar to learn how self-service options can help your dining and meal ordering processes run more smoothly. Keith Curtachio, director of information technology for the Faculty Student Association at the University at Buffalo, will share how they have implemented online ordering through GET CBORD Student and Oracle self-service kiosks to provide a smoother, faster dining experience. He will also discuss plans to implement new kiosks this summer as part of an expansion program.

In addition, Scott Jerabek, senior product manager for CBORD, will provide an overview of hardware options and how kiosks can be configured into an established dining program.

Scott will discuss:

  • Hardware available from our point of sale partners
  • A new partnership for managed food services
  • Steps to implementing self-service options into your operations

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