We hosted a webinar on January 31 to discuss the benefits of a hosted campus card system. Odyssey Direct, our cloud-based card solution, is a great option for campuses that want to enhance the student experience without adding overhead or overusing IT resources.

During our session, we had a lot of questions from the audience, but weren’t able to answer all of them within the hour timeframe. Below are several questions coming from our users that were answered by our three panelists – Sue Chaffee (CBORD), Gaston Arellano (Barry University), and Troy Honeycutt (Grinnell College).

Are the Amazon Web Services servers (app, web and db) shared or independent?

The app server is independent, and the web and db servers are shared.

We use Micros server to manage the registers. How does the Micros piece interface with Odyssey Direct?

Odyssey Direct replaces your Odyssey PCS server. The Micros server will communicate to the on-site router and from there off to your Odyssey database in the cloud. We (Barry University) are using 3700 today to interface with Odyssey Direct and we haven’t had any issues with the configuration.

How did you transition reports from PCS to Direct? And what’s the comparison to its capabilities?

The transitioning was set up by CBORD, and the capabilities are much better than PCS. The reports are now emailed directly to me, and I can add email addresses to the individual reports so they are sent to others who need to receive them. With PCS, the reports had to be photocopied and distributed. This feature has save us time, resources, and money!

Are there any major differences in the reporting capabilities between PCS and Direct?

The reports available today in Odyssey PCS are also available in Direct. We’ve found there are a lot more reports on Adminweb than on PCS, and the ability to export each report as an Excel file or PDF has made it easier to work with the data our reports generate.

We use photos and other data to populate other campus systems. Will scheduled exports to a file folder still be available or will it be only through FTP?

Exports can be sent to email recipients or placed on an FTP site.

Outside of ODBC, does Odyssey Direct lack any other features from Odyssey UI/PCS?

Odyssey Direct has more capabilities than PCS, and we have not found any drawbacks from switching. The advancements to the reporting section has been extremely beneficial. The “Configure Activities” function has been helpful to track keys in our department.

Do you have additional questions?

If you need help connecting with someone at CBORD, email Sheri Pape, higher education marketing manager, at sap@cbord.com. And stay tuned for additional blog posts from our panelists!

Did you miss our webinar?

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