Until recently, installing vending readers resulted in a tug-of-war—you had to ask: did you want your readers to accept campus cards and employee ID's or did you want them to accept credit or debit cards?

Good news! With CBORD's Cellular Vending platform, the war is over and the answer is "both!" You can add readers that accept all types of card payments, and with additional payment choices for your patrons, you can expect to see a dramatic impact on spending per machine across your campus.

On this webinar we will discuss:

  • The technology behind the transaction flow (UGryd®)
  • PCI Compliance (Hint: You will love what we have to say)
  • Use cases for where and when to deploy
  • Implementation steps and timelines

Phone lines will be open, so please come with questions about implementing Cellular Vending at your location!

Presented by
Sami Takieddine, CBORD
Tim O'Neill, CBORD
Moderator: Angela Sarno, CBORD

Originally Presented: 03/15/2016