ResCenter Q&A: Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

On-campus living can be a rewarding experience, as well as a challenging one at times for both students and residence life directors. As members of the residential life community, we must strive to understand the many complexities of those living around us. We can best learn from one another in an atmosphere of positive encouragement and mutual respect—and it is our goal to set you up for success as a residential and CBORD community member.

We spoke with Rachel Fedoronko of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University (ERAU) about her experience in residential life using ResCenter®.

What initiatives is ERAU currently pursuing and has your CBORD software helped you pursue or achieve any of those initiatives?

We are always looking for ways to bring our housing processes up-to-date. We recently have removed all of our paper processes with the help of ResCenter and are now looking to improve our digital processes. We are currently utilizing automatic room assignments for new incoming students and online room selection for returning students. We opened a new residence hall this semester—replacing an old hall—and we were able to use online room selection for the students to choose their space in the new hall. We then checked them all out of the old hall and checked them into the new hall using the ResCenter check-in/out feature. This way, we were able to track keys and assignments more accurately. We then utilized online room inspections to verify the status of the new hall rooms. With the help of ResCenter, we were about to successfully open our new residence hall.

How does ResCenter help simplify your processes large or small?

ResCenter helps simplify our processes in many ways. My favorite feature is probably the check-in simplification. We are now able to have students swipe their IDs to check in. Once swiped in, we are able to quickly verify their assignment and get them the appropriate room key(s). This makes our check-in processes efficient; generating greater customer satisfaction. ResCenter has also helped us greatly through report/advanced find generation. We are quickly able to determine vacancies for room changes, pull check-in reports and monitor application data. Because of these reports, we are able to efficiently and effectively manage occupancy.

How does ResCenter help with student satisfaction?

Again, I believe there are multiple ways that ResCenter increases student satisfaction. Besides that mentioned above, I think the MyResCenter Web is the most directly beneficial means for our students. Through this website, students are able to feel a deeper connection to their housing experience. We have been able to use this website for most of our communication with the students. Many of our emails direct the students to the webpage for items such as assignment details. We have also started moving some of our other applications and forms onto this webpage to create a centralized place for student housing information. Last semester, we added our break housing application to this page. This application allows students to apply to stay on campus over breaks between semesters such as winter break. We were then able to determine which students were staying and assign them to their space for those dates to better track occupancy over the break periods.

Is there anything that you are proud of that you do with the help of ResCenter?

I am most proud of how many features we have implemented into our business process over such a short period of time. When I started at ERAU, the majority of our processes where not online. In just over a year, we were able to streamline most of our processes; now utilizing online room selection, online check-in/check-out, and online room inspections. Additionally, we are really starting to take advantage of all available system features and modules; enhancing our applications and website. By using these features to their fullest, we are now able to start exploring ideas such as flexible/gender neutral housing.