Room Service Concero 101: Empowering Patients

Room Service Concero® is an integration tool allowing you to connect your interactive patient-care system to the Room Service Choice® system. Whether it's a touch-screen bedside computer, tablet, or the room's television, Room Service Concero gives you the tools to connect your patient meal ordering system directly to the patient.

The integration is made through a web-service Application Programming Interface (API) for room service. A number of our trusted partner vendors, including Cerner® and GetWellNetwork®, or your hospital's IT department, can develop an interface that flows with the in-room device, and meets your hospital's standards. Room Service Concero provides the data for the system and handles the printing and processing of the submitted orders.

All of this is done to benefit your patients and your staff. With an easy ordering system made available right within their room, patients can now order meals whenever they desire, giving them greater control over the food during their stay. Room Service Concero can also reduce your call center wait times, and allows your hospital to leverage its Nutrition Service Suite® dietary controls to ensure patients are receiving only safe meals.

Curious to learn more about how Room Service Concero works? Take a look at this short video from our popular "To the Point" series.