Room Service Makes a Difference

As an increasing number of hospitals adopt a room service model for patient meals, the benefits are becoming clear to see.

Giving patients some choice in what and when they eat leads to higher satisfaction ratings, as well as less food waste and lower food costs. A study in the Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics confirms it. Room service improves nutritional intake over traditional models by 17%, and patient meal costs were reduced 15%.¹

Of course, an effective technology solution is an important part of a room service model. You’ll need to be able to track and manage the different ways orders come into the kitchen, such as call center, bedside, and mobile app ordering, as well as manage meal preparation and tray delivery.

With a room service system that also includes tray monitoring, Spectrum Health was able to quantify service improvements that would result in higher satisfaction scores. The large, 800-bed medical center was able to see that 98% of their on-demand room-service trays were delivered within the allowed 45-minute time frame.

The technology in place allowed them to track checkpoints throughout the process: order, production, assembly, transportation, and tray delivery. “That’s 1,254 trays that were delivered within the promised 45 minutes, which is guaranteed to increase patient satisfaction,” commented Kevin Vos with Spectrum Health.

Implementing room service can make a positive difference in your operation. It has proven to improve patient nutritional intake, increase wellness and satisfaction, and save hospitals a lot of money.

Find out how El Centro Regional Medical Center improved patient satisfaction and reduce food costs 15% after implementing CBORD’s Room Service Choice solution.

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1 McCray S., Maunder K., Barsha L., Mackenzie-Shalders K. (2018) Room service in a public hospital improves nutritional intake and increases patient satisfaction while decreasing food waste and cost. J Hum Nutr Diet.

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