Safer Card Issuance with Online Photo Upload and Pickup Reservations

Our world has changed. The way we operate and do business has changed. The way the way we interact and communicate with each other has changed. And for higher education, the way we deliver services to the campus community is continuing to change.

A significant shift for card offices is to a virtual summer orientation, which means most incoming students won’t visit campus prior to the start of fall semester. This complicates the photo capture and ID issuance process, but CBORD offers several ways to make this easier for your campus.

Collect ID Card Photos Virtually

The Upload My Photo feature in GET allows students to submit an image through the mobile application. Once uploaded, photos are sent to the ID card office to be approved or denied in GET Admin. Approved photos can then be assigned to the patron’s record.

CS Gold WebManager allows campus card offices to collect student photos remotely to create and issue ID cards. Your staff can establish photo submission rules, collect images through a CBORD online portal, accept or deny submissions, and assign photos to patron records so they can be printed.

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Print ID Cards Remotely

Printing cards in remote locations has never been easier with Entrust Adaptive Issuance Instant ID or HID FARGO Connect. Both solutions are fully integrated with CS Gold or Odyssey, and allow you to manage, create, and print cards in a safe environment.

Card office staff is no longer tied to a desktop in an office or restricted to a printer attached to a computer. Once the software is set up, you can place IP card printers at various locations around campus and print cards from any web-enabled device. Multiple pickup locations can be established to allow you to easily and conveniently issue new ID cards.

Offer Reservations for Card Pickup  

Once printed, GET can be used as a reservation system to schedule ID card pickups. These locations are set up as a venue in GET Admin, whether in the card office or another location on campus. By offering several pickup locations, you can accommodate a larger volume of reservations in a shorter amount of time.

When students return to campus, they can reserve a spot during a 15-minute block to pick up their card. This allows you to control when and where cards are picked up and how many people are allowed in a space at one time. Floor decals or markers can be used to ensure physical distancing is followed if lines form.

This same system can be used for bookstore order pickups. Each campus store location can be set up as a venue in GET Admin, and 15-minute pickup reservations can be made.

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