Security Solutions for Game Day Operations

Saturdays in the fall are truly something special. On any given weekend, tens of thousands of fans gather on campuses across the country to cheer on their team. The atmosphere is electric, and the experience is unique to each campus community.

At the University of Mississippi, game day operations involve an intricate configuration of CBORD-supported solutions. From biometric access to video surveillance to building lockdown, staff at Ole Miss have executed an integrated security plan to ensure the safety of students, fans, athletes, and visitors.

Watch our webinar to hear how the Ole Miss team supports game day security. Haden Gragson, assistant director of contractual services and university licensing, walks through their setup, technology, and hardware used, and what a typical game day looks like on their campus.

Steve Gresham, CBORD senior account manager, introduces integrated security solutions available from CBORD and our partners for a variety of applications on campus.

Presented by:

Haden Gragson, University of Mississippi
Steve Gresham, CBORD

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