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Our industry experts are focused on:

  • System and process improvement
  • Current/future state
  • Best practice playbook
  • Assessments
  • Benchmarking
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We Get Into Your Details

“In just two days onsite with us, Cathy’s time and observations were invaluable. She got into our details, learned about our system, and created a plan to help us save time with automated processes, and money with reduced inventory and refined just-in-time purchasing.”

 ~ Melanie Gonzales, Food Services Director, Children’s Hospital Colorado


Our Services

Chef preparing food

Food and Nutrition

Operate an efficient food and nutrition program with the latest technology. Use smart tools for everything from menu and recipe planning to nutrition analysis, food production, inventory management, and more.

Areas Covered:
Food cost
Inventory analysis
Purchasing contracts
Operating budget
Waste reduction
Forecasting and menu management
Food prep and production
Workflow analysis
Data review and cleanup
Retail purchase

Identity, Access, Commerce, and POS

Streamline and modernize your processes with the latest technology. We work to create an assessment with recommendations aligning with your financial and operational goals, all while working to streamline your operations.

Areas Covered:
Card production/credentials
  • Patron maintenance
  • Plan Maintenance
Processes and automation
System recovery – backup, recovery plan
Security/access control
  • Processes/Automation
  • Hardware assessment
Dining Services
  • Best practices for system integration
  • Reconciliation process, disaster recovery planning
  • Efficient EMC programming
  • Improving the speed of service for the patron
  • Maximizing revenue
  • Improving cashier performance
  • Theft protocol
  • Data-driven decisions
3rd party interfaces
New product readiness
  • Mobile Credential

We provide an initial, low-cost assessment helping to save you time and money long-term. Contact us today to schedule your operational assessment and get your score!