Simplified Menu Planning for Pandemic Preparedness

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In the wake of COVID-19, safely feeding patients remains a priority for many health organizations. With the influx of patients, staff shortages, and limited supplies, hospital food service operations are continuing to make adjustments to best support the needs of their patient populations.

Has your health system removed made-to-order items from your menus? Or, perhaps it’s time to consider preparing food items in bulk to store and freeze to help ensure your food service operation stays running smoothly?

Regardless of where you are in your menu planning process, the most important takeaway is that you have an adaptable plan. Download this webinar to hear from CBORD’s experts Katie Bower, registered dietitian nutritionist, and Grace Jones, solutions architect and dietitian, as they provide additional menu planning knowledge and tips that will allow you to continue to offer nutritious options for your patients using menus that are simple and cost-effective with shelf-stable foods during COVID-19.

You’ll learn:

  • Best practices for foodservice menu changes
  • Benefits of transitioning to a simplified menu
  • Tips to help you implement limited meal offerings and more
  • How to modify menus to support staff and patients

Presented by Panelists:

  • Katie Bower, Implementation Specialist, Registered Dietitian – Knowledge in nutrition education and dietetics with extensive training in CBORD’s Nutrition Service Suite solutions.
  • Grace Jones, Solutions Architect, Registered Dietitian – Extensive expertise in Food Management Software solutions.


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