Does Technology Make a Difference in Senior Dining?

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Leverage Technology for a Better Resident Dining Experience

Managing a dining program in long-term care and senior living is complex and can be challenging for any size community.

Balancing resident demands for choice and flexibility, while meeting regulatory requirements and adjusting for inflation, depends on knowing and managing your price per resident day (PRD).

To accomplish this in today’s dynamic landscape, you need modern tools and technology. You need a system that offers quick access to the critical data you need to run your business and the tools to reduce costs, improve production and labor efficiency, and exceed resident and family expectations.

Look for a modern cloud-based platform that lets users access the system from anywhere with an internet connection and use mobile apps to simplify and streamline workflows.

With the right solution, you can:

  • Plan diet-specific menus and extend them to therapeutic diets.
  • Support combination diet orders with multiple textures, consistencies, and allergies.
  • Produce recipes based on accurate forecasts and current ingredient costs.
  • Increase resident satisfaction and engagement with mobile menus at the time of service or in advance.
  • Provide nutrition and allergen information to residents and families.

Simplified Workflows & Personalized Service

Technology can help you simplify many aspects of your resident dining operation— from your IT needs and software maintenance to workflows and processes.

You can personalize menus according to what they like and make sure what you’re serving is safe. The best systems will also have a menu planning component allowing you to evaluate that you’ve got the right things served for the right diets. Look for a solution that simplifies production and all the diet office and kitchen operations that go with it for optimal efficiency.

Modern Technology

Reduce the demands on your IT team by eliminating an on-premise installation to manage. With a cloud-based hosted solution, you can improve user access and offer flexibility for people who need to work remotely.

Use a modern user interface that’s easy to learn and simplifies the way you work. Unlike on-premise systems, a cloud-based solution lets you:

  • Lower your IT burden and eliminate software upgrades.
  • Access the system through a web browser.
  • Allow unlimited users and improve user access.

Personalization, Safety, Satisfaction

Smart tools make it easy for you to provide a better, more personalized experience for your residents.

  • Offer more choices in how you serve and allow residents to select at or near the time of service for improved nutritional intake and satisfaction.
  • Integrate with electronic health records (EHR) beyond just admissions, discharges, and transfers to include things like diets, allergens, and supplements.

Menu Planning, Nutrition + Budget

Take your menu planning to the next level. With the right solution, you’re able to support more than one level of care and design different menus of different lengths to meet different needs.

  • Support multiple levels of care.
  • Enable frequent menu changes.
  • Know your costs and per resident day (PRD)
Seniors dining in a modern setting.

Production & Purchase Efficiency

When it comes to efficiency in the kitchen, technology delivers.

  • Print production tallies.
  • Know where to distribute the food within your community to different dining rooms or to different locations.
  • Scale recipes in the amounts that you need to prepare.
  • Substitute ingredients easily to help with supply chain challenges.
  • Increase efficiency with mobile capabilities, no need to manually enter paper menus.
  • Take resident selections at the time of service, or in advance, and use a mobile device to simplify workflows.

Benefits of a Hosted Solution

With a cloud-based, hosted solution, you get features and functionality not available with on-premise systems, and the benefits you’ll gain are significant.

We’re talking simplified workflows, greater resident safety and satisfaction, and a positive experience for your entire community. This type of solution requires less IT resources than traditional, on-premise systems.

There is no software to install, no server to maintain, and no database administrator required. Keep your IT and administrative resources focused on service—we’ll take care of the rest.

Provide a Dining Experience Your Residents Will Appreciate with CBORD

Gain all of the advantages we discussed in this post and more with the modern tools and technology found in NetMenu, CBORD’s cloud-based resident dining solution.

NetMenu is a senior dining management system designed to automate food production for single or multi-site kitchens. Each component creates cost-saving efficiencies and ensures that residents are offered menu options conforming to their nutritional needs, allergies, consistency modifications, and diet order. Watch our brief video to learn more.

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Operate a lean, agile foodservice program with an integrated, leading-edge technology solution. Use smart tools for everything from menu and recipe planning to nutrition analysis, food production, inventory management, and more.

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Cards & Credentials

Add convenience to the workday by letting staff use their ID card or mobile credential throughout the hospital for purchases at your dining venues, gift shops, c-stores, vending machines, and more. Support social distancing, drive revenue, simplify break times, and improve satisfaction.

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Manage the complexities of safely feeding patients with smart tools and leading-edge technology. Provide a personalized meal ordering experience that ensures compliance and patient safety for every meal you serve, every time.

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