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Higher Education

Higher Education

CBORD touches the lives of students and staff in higher education around the world every day. Our integrated solutions are carefully tailored to manage complex auxiliary services such as campus ID card software, door access control, integrated security solutions, catering software, food service solutions, housing management, online and kiosk-based ordering, off-campus commerce, student discounts, and more.

On-campus, off-campus, and in the palm of your hand, CBORD is improving campus life for the students you serve and the staff you employ.


CBORD’s healthcare software solutions help connect hospitals to their patients, employees, and guests—providing the tools needed to improve safety and patient satisfaction scores, increase revenue, and reduce overall cost of managing food service and dietary operations. Our comprehensive solutions, including dietary software, clinically based hospital room service systems, food service management software, hospital food kiosks, and cashless systems are installed at both small- and large-acute operations across the country. Keep reading to discover how CBORD’s wide range of solutions can meet your facility’s needs.

Senior Living & Long-Term Care

CBORD is the industry's leading provider of resident dining information, menu systems, food production, inventory management, and nutritional analysis. In addition, CBORD provides cashless ID card systems, point-of-sale systems, and integrated security solutions.

Business & Industry

CBORD provides solutions for business and industry facilities to increase revenue, enhance employee convenience, and better manage food service operations. With solutions such as our cashless systems, CBORD can transform your existing employee ID badge from a simple identification device to a powerful employee benefit and incentive. Add in online ordering and self-order kiosk software, along with flexible catering software, and you have a provider committed to helping you improve operations and increase satisfaction.


CBORD® food service solutions for supermarkets: Control costs and increase revenue with a feature-rich integrated system for commissary and central bakery inventory and purchasing management, perishable food forecasting, fresh food production planning, costing and pricing, nutritional analysis, catering, and more.

Multi-Property Food Service

CBORD's food service solutions help connect multi-unit operations to their clients by providing the tools needed to improve operational efficiency, enhance quality, and redirect time spent on manual tasks to customer service.

Our comprehensive solutions include a web-based food service management tool for multi-unit food and beverage operations. Keep reading to discover how CBORD's software solutions can meet your operation's needs.


Controlling inmate cost per day and staying within state-regulated nutritional guidelines are priorities for any food service operation in a corrections setting. Our solution can keep you within your budget while maintaining nutritional standards, whether working with one facility or multiple facilities.