Transform a Simple ID into a Powerful Resource

Most identification cards are just…there, and they could be doing so much more for cardholders. With CBORD’s campus card systems, your ID becomes a resource for everything from account management and purchases to building access and attendance tracking.

We believe the future of campus credentials is a mix of traditional ID cards, mobile devices, and biometrics. Whether you need a one-card solution for dining services or a comprehensive system that brings together many unique services and revenue centers, CBORD can help. Benefit from the latest credential technology for Apple and Android devices, biometrics, and more.

Different industries have unique needs when it comes to a card and credential solution. In higher education, it’s all about students and access to campus services. In healthcare, it’s about employees and convenience in the workplace. In senior living, it’s mostly about residents and on-site services.

We invite you to select your industry below to find out how CBORD’s card and credential solutions will benefit your patrons.

Card & Credentials

Explore Our Card & Credential Solutions in Your Industry

Higher Ed

Campus credentials are at the center of college life. They serve as identification, provide physical access to buildings and rooms, and enable payments on and off campus. Accelerate your campus card program with CBORD.


Employees use their ID card or mobile credential throughout the hospital for purchases at your dining venues, gift shops, c-stores, and more. Support social distancing, drive revenue, and improve satisfaction.

Senior Living

Add convenience for your residents. Let them use their ID badge or mobile credential throughout the community for purchases at your dining venues, gift shops, c-stores, vending machines, concierge desk, and more.

Business & Industry

Add convenience for your employees. They can use their ID badge or mobile credential throughout your business campus for purchases at your dining venues, c-stores, and more.