The CBORD App: New Ways to Create Healthy Experiences

At UGC a few weeks ago, CBORD® President Jim Hoefflin revealed some of the projects we’re working on that are aimed at putting the patron at the center of our innovation. One of our biggest new ideas is imagining a future in which all CBORD systems deployed within an organization are connected and united under a single platform: the CBORD app.

How can technology help improve the patient experience?

In healthcare, we’re imagining ways for patients to connect with providers in a simple, personal way—giving them a bit of control during their hospital stay—a time that can often feel stressful and overwhelming.

Let’s look at one of the ways patients will be able to shape their hospital experience by ordering meals on their own devices using the CBORD app.

Brenda’s Story

Brenda Smith is a 34 year old graphic designer from Wisconsin. She and her husband Bill are expecting their first child. Brenda has been diagnosed with Gestational Diabetes Mellitus, a fairly common condition, but her doctor has asked that she be admitted to the hospital a few days before her due date and has placed her on a carb controlled diet.

After being admitted, Brenda receives an invitation to download the CBORD app. Once she logs in, the app securely connects to her hospital record, so it already has the details about her doctor’s diet order. She then adds her personal preferences letting the app know in future to highlight menu items containing items she dislikes, such as mushrooms or fish.

When Brenda is ready to order lunch, she logs in and the app displays today’s lunch specials, but only the ones that match Brenda’s diet restrictions and preferences.

Bill wants to order lunch at the same time, so Brenda adds him as a guest. Her meal is included with her stay, while Bill is prompted to enter a payment.

Their lunch order is sent to the kitchen along with other lunch orders from Brenda’s floor, including orders for nurses and other hospital staff—all of them using the same CBORD app.

At 12:30 p.m., the tray cart arrives on Brenda’s floor and meals are distributed. Staff use the app to verify that Brenda, Bill, and everyone else on the ward have received the correct lunches.

After lunch, Brenda rates her meal and reports her consumption. Brenda’s care team can obtain information about what she’s consuming.

Brenda relaxes and gets ready for her delivery experience. Ordering room service from her own device helps her hospital stay feel less clinical and more personal.

From Vision to Reality

We have a comprehensive suite of products across the major markets we serve—helping our customers provide critical services to patients, residents, employees, and guests. Now we will leverage our knowledge and experience to shift our focus to delivering more value to those patrons. Connecting the products in our portfolio to create a CBORD platform will enable patrons to access multiple CBORD apps within one unified user experience.

We’re helping healthcare providers imagine new ways to engage patients and create a better experience. Ordering hospital meals on a personal device is the first step to making this vision a reality.

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