The State of Healthcare

Looking Ahead Webinar Series: The State of Healthcare

With the rapid changes in today’s healthcare climate, one thing remains constant: the criticality of guest, staff, and patient safety across hospitals and health systems. 

2021 will require food service distributors and healthcare operators to create a sustainable path forward using smarter tools that are responsive, drive greater efficiencies, and create revenue streams. 

As you work to identify your future priorities and strategic initiatives, it’s imperative you’re well informed about today’s technologies that will help drive operational successes. 

Watch this session and hear from our senior leadership team as they discuss the latest industry trends and market forecast, creative channelpartner initiatives, solutions operators have deployed to support patients, guests, and staff safely, and more! 

This session also explores:   

  • The imperative of labor cost management with automation and how robotics play a pivotal role 
  • Tips for food service operators  
  • Focus areas across food service departments to drive additional revenue and efficiencies  
  • Technologies positioned to address future challenges 

Be as prepared as you can be as we begin again in 2021! 

Executive Expert Panelists:   

  • Jeff Wood,VP of Marketing and Product, CBORD  
  • Roy Santa Croce,  Director of Business Development, CBORD 



The State of Healthcare

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