Thomas Jefferson University Hospital—First in Healthcare to Partner with CBORD Off-Campus Commerce

Thomas Jefferson University Hospitals, Inc. (“TJUH”) in Philadelphia will be the first healthcare organization to partner with CBORD Off-Campus Commerce Programs, utilizing UGryd®, the industry-leading transaction processing host at the heart of CBORD Off-Campus Commerce programs. Using this technology, TJUH badge holders will be able to use their ID badges to make purchases at participating merchants surrounding the hospital.

TJUH, which supports over 27,000 students and employees and operates 24/7, wanted to expand and extend hours of food service offerings. With limited space available, they looked for a nontraditional solution. Working with CBORD, they agreed on a plan to use local merchants to extend their food service program. By expanding the capabilities of their ID badge, TJUH will increase the meal options available to employees and students beyond the dining services currently provided by the Department of Nutrition & Dietetics. In addition, partnering with local merchants is a move that will strengthen their relationship with the neighborhood.

For over nine years, the Department of Nutrition & Dietetics at Jefferson has been using CBORD technology to support their cashless system and give their badge holders the convenience and security of not having to carry cash. They offer payroll deductions as well as declining balance accounts. Employees have been very pleased with the system and use it in the Jefferson Gift Shop and Apothecary, the Jefferson Medical and Health Science Bookstore, and vending machines, in addition to on-campus dining services. TJUH runs an outdoor farmers market on campus. This will be the third season where badge holders can purchase local produce, flowers, and grass-fed beef. They are able to offer this service using the Epic Card Reader, a device that allows employees and students to swipe the Jefferson ID badge in remote locations, away from their point-of sale system.

TJUH does not offer students a typical university meal plan. The Department of Nutrition & Dietetics provides meals for the medical and other healthcare professional students enrolled at the university. Making it easy for them to go off campus and choose from a wider variety of restaurants will greatly expand their food service options. Improving convenience, expanding options, and not having students and employees carry cash, were all important benefits the hospital was looking for.

“We have had a number of merchants ask if they can be a part of this program, and we are looking forward to signing them up and having a successful launch,” says Steven McCollick, Systems Coordinator, Business Operations, Department of Nutrition & Dietetics at Jefferson. "By implementing CBORD's central server technology, as well as tapping CBORD's knowledgeable customer service for our merchant base, we feel we can succeed with this and continue to expand. We first thought of doing this on our own, but we soon realized that the administrative burden would be overwhelming.”

“We are pleased that we could offer a turnkey solution for TJUH to expand their options for staff and students, all while delivering the convenience of using one card for their needs,” says Shawn McCarthy, Managing Director, CBORD Off-Campus Commerce Programs. “The flexibility of our UGryd platform allows CBORD to sign merchants up for this program and quickly show the benefits to the merchants and the TJUH. With our state-of-the-art UGryd processing platform and our real-time online management tool tracking each dollar, participating merchants have complete insight into sales cycles. In addition, our daily ACH settlement aids with cash flow and account reconciliation on a timely basis.”

CBORD's Off-Campus Commerce Programs, utilizing UGryd, has provided this service to many universities and is excited to see that it can also satisfy the needs of healthcare clients. With no administrative costs incurred by TJUH, this solution was a win for badge holders, the hospital, and the community.