Top Three Takeaways from our Discussion with New Hanover Regional Medical Center

During our recent webinar, "Productivity. Revenue. Employee Satisfaction. A Discussion with New Hanover Regional Medical Center," Brian Jackson recounted the myriad ways his organization takes employee benefits seriously, and how creating a total culture of convenience has impacted employee satisfaction and the bottom line. Here are the top three takeaways we wish everyone could have heard:

  1. It's not just about payroll deduction for meals. While having an option where employees can swipe their ID badge to pay for a meal that is then deducted from their paycheck is crucial, it doesn't have to be the end game. Once you have the system in place to accept the ID for payment, where else can you use it? The gift shop? Coffee carts? Pharmacy? How about anywhere at all where someone might want to buy something? And you don't need to be limited by geography—you can use the badge on their system at a small hospital New Hanover has set up 40 miles away.

    Bottom line: You do not need to be using paper and pencil to accept payroll deduct anywhere. Once you have the system, take a look around and see where else you might be able to implement the technology.

  2. How to use gift cards. At New Hanover, they put a good deal of effort into employee recognition. Departments regularly give out gift cards for those who go above and beyond, and visitors to the hospital can also purchase gift cards for use at retail facilities. Additionally, Jackson noted that they see a sharp increase in gift card sales around the holidays with managers often buying them as presents for their staff. By setting up all retail points to automatically do payroll deduction, these locations can also accept the gift cards, and as a bonus, both types of transactions can be accepted with no credit card fees.
  3. Mobile ordering is the future (and the present) at healthcare facilities. At New Hanover they already allow certain staff members to order lunch online and in advance, and have it delivered to a facility that does not have dining. Jackson sees this functionality being made available to all employees in the near future. He looks forward to seeing a dining hall free from long lines, but full of people enjoying their meals and their breaks.

Watch the full webinar: Productivity. Revenue. Employee Satisfaction. A Discussion with New Hanover Regional Medical Center.