UGC 2018: Call for Sessions is Open

What’s your best session proposal?

Our 39th annual User Group Conference is October 7–10 at the Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa in Las Vegas, Nevada. We’re looking for the best educational session presenters, with the most innovative ideas for sessions—and we know those ideas will come from you.

  • Which of your best practices do you want to share with the CBORD user community?
  • What operational success did you achieve that’s worth bragging about?
  • What data did you collect that could inspire other CBORD users?
  • Do you have expertise that can provide value to your peers?

This year we invite CBORD users to submit session proposals in any of our educational tracks: Housing, Card, Access, Food Management, Retail, and Patient Meal Management.

To propose a session, visit our website. Session proposals are due by April 5, 2018.

All accepted session presenters will receive $100 off their UGC registration, as well as the admiration of colleagues and peers from around the world! Start thinking about what you are interested in sharing and learning on CBORD systems.

Get those creative gears spinning and start thinking about how much you’ll learn and share at UGC 2018.

Submit a Session Proposal

What would you like to share with peers at UGC?