UGC 2019 Session Topics Survey

Please submit your ratings no later than Thursday, December 20, 2018.

The Goal

We invite members of the CBORD user community to help design our educational session offerings for the 2019 User Group Conference in Orlando, FL, October 20-23.

Our goal is to provide the best educational experience possible at UGC 2019, and the first step is to decide what topics we're going to cover. That's where your input is so vital.

Let us know what topics are important to you and to your work, so we can design a schedule of relevant and impactful educational sessions.

The Process

We've collected a list of suggested session topics in each of our major product groups. This list of topics resulted from:

  • feedback from UGC 2018 attendees
  • suggestions from CBORD customers
  • ideas from our vendor partners
  • input from CBORD employees

Topics rated the most popular in this survey will be among those offered for selection during our Call for Presenters in early 2019.

The Survey

Session topics are organized by major product group, with added groups for General Sessions and Certification Classes. Please rate each topic in each product group relevant to you and your work. You can skip any groups that are not applicable.

Please submit your ratings no later than Thursday, December 20, 2018.

Take the UGC Session Topics Survey

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With your help, our 40th annual user group conference will be the best-ever educational and networking opportunity for CBORD customers. See you in Orlando!