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Welcome to the year's most important education and networking opportunity for CBORD users. Our annual User Group Conference is a unique opportunity to celebrate and share your experience with CBORD technology with over 500 users from around the world.

Educational sessions and certifications are at the core of the value UGC offers. Most UGC attendees also feel that networking with peers and learning from the experience of others who have similar roles in their respective organizations is an unparalleled benefit. How much time or money has been saved by sharing unique tips and tricks, or discovering creative solutions to common challenges?

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Warning: Hotel Poachers

All UGC 2018 hotel reservations are made through the CBORD online registration portal.

Beware of calls from any company claiming to be handling hotel reservations for UGC. They are not associated with UGC, the Red Rock Casino Resort & Spa, or CBORD, and we caution you to avoid giving your credit card information to any such caller.

CBORD does not make outbound sales calls. If you get a phone call from anyone trying to sell you a hotel room, they are not associated with UGC or CBORD.