UGC 2018

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We hope to see you again at UGC 2019 in Orlando.

Get Ready for UGC 2018!

Welcome to the year's most important education and networking opportunity for CBORD users. This year's conference will feature new educational sessions along with new certification opportunities. We will showcase innovative technologies and host networking events to enrich your professional community, all set against the dramatic backdrop of the Red Rock Canyon region.

On the Wild Frontier

The Red Rock Casino, Resort, and Spa sits on the wild frontier of Las Vegas, NV, approximately 17 miles from the Las Vegas strip and McCarran International Airport. It's just two miles outside the Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area, nearly 200,000 square miles of western landscape set aside for hiking, rock climbing, horseback riding, and more with indoor and outdoor exhibits.

Learn from Experience

Our annual User Group Conference is a unique opportunity to celebrate and share all the amazing ways our users engage CBORD technology to meet their operational goals and achieve success. You are a creative community, combining technical knowledge with real-world experience to serve patrons in ways many of us have yet to imagine.

How do you measure the value of UGC?


“There is a network of people we can reach out to and discuss common industry problems, because they're trying to come up with solutions just like we are, and that's the value of the CBORD network and UGC, being able to engage with other like-minded health system nutrition service leaders.”

—Kevin Vos, Nutrition, Spectrum Health, UGC 2017

“Technology is constantly being innovative and we need to make sure we keep up with it on our end for our patients as well. The CBORD staff has been great with introducing technology to us, and then being able to network with other facilities throughout the world that are using these technologies to kinda collaborate and come up with different ideas of how we can implement at our sites.”

—Kayla Gorman, Aurora Health Care, UGC 2017

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Tailor your conference experience by choosing the package that best suits you. A full conference pass includes all general and education sessions, plus admission to networking events, and conference meals.


Learn more, engage with technology, and mingle with your fellow professionals throughout the conference. View the Conference Schedule, Events Schedule, Educational Sessions, and Certifications.

  Hotel & Travel

The Red Rock Casino, Resort, and Spa is approximately 17 miles from the Las Vegas strip and McCarran International Airport. Transportation, entertainment, and exploration options abound.