Education Overview

Educational Sessions

Educational sessions are at the heart of what UGC is all about: learning how to make better use of CBORD systems to create more value for your organization.

  • Generating revenue with CBORD solutions
  • Reducing waste and controlling costs
  • Improving safety and security
  • Engaging in CBORD systems training and certification tracks
  • Gaining ideas, information, and contacts to overcome hurdles
  • Networking opportunities
  • Maximizing your CBORD investment

UGC sessions are organized into educational tracks to easily find sessions related to your CBORD systems and explore topics important in your field.

Attention Dietitians: The CBORD User Group Conference has been approved for 20.5 CEUs from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics

Educational Tracks



From housing assignments to check-in at the residence halls, this education track includes topics such as educating student workers on the housing system, special accommodation housing assignments, managing financial transactions, and best practices for administration with our systems.

Card and Credentials

This educational track is devoted to the management of students and student services including topics related to card systems, access systems, commerce platforms, mobile solutions, and campus safety. Learn how to maintain peak performance of your critical systems and reduce costs.


Keeping patrons safe in your campus community is a top priority, whether you're in education, business, or healthcare. This educational track is devoted to access control, emergency and lockdown procedures, and new technology in locks and readers.

Foodservice Management

This educational track is designed to help you grow, enhance, and empower your dining operation. This includes ideas on workflow design, measuring success with analytics, catering management, strategic integrations, and navigating allergies and food preferences.

Commerce and Point of Sale

Looking for new ways to drive revenue and create a better purchasing experience? This track focuses on emerging commerce technologies from CBORD and our point of sale partners from physical registers and kiosks to mobile applications and transaction processing.

Patient Meal Management

Optimize your diet office and improve patient outcomes. In this track you will learn how CBORD technology supports broad health initiatives like community health, participatory medicine, and diet education. Topics include interfaces, room service, menu cycles, and lean workflow practices.

Preconference Training - NEW!

Five preconference trainings are offered for an additional fee. These trainings take place on Sunday, October 20 from noon to 4:00 p.m. and are selected during your conference registration.

Certification at UGC

Certification classes at UGC are two-hour courses concluding with examinations. Enrollment is limited, and you will need to register in advance to secure your spot for certification classes.

Certification classes are limited to twelve participants; six spots are available for advanced registration through the online application process. The remaining six available spots are reserved for on-site registration.

Certification All Year Long

CBORD Education and Training services are available all year long, both online at at our training facility in Duluth, Georgia.

Space in certification classes at UGC is limited, but you always have an opportunity to get CBORD-certified with training from our Services team.

Year-Round Education and Training

The Services team is ready to help.