2019 Educational Sessions

Our Session Selection Process

For our 40th year, we created a new process to design a program of UGC sessions reflecting the most-requested topics from CBORD users.

We invited all CBORD customers to participate in selecting topics for our 2019 program of educational sessions. We collected a list of suggested session topics in each of our major product groups. This list of topics resulted from:

  • Feedback from past UGC attendees
  • Direct submissions from CBORD customers
  • Ideas from our vendor partners
  • Input from CBORD employees

Session presenters from across our user community selected the topics they most wanted to present from the list of topics customers most wanted to see. Our goal is for UGC 2019 to be the most effective educational conference in our 40-year history.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this process!

2019 Full Agenda

Last updated 8/26/19. Subject to change.

Sample Sessions by Track

View a sampling of 2019 educational sessions below.



Card and Credentials




Foodservice Management


Patient Meal Management


Commerce and Point of Sale