The CBORD User Advisory Council (UAC) is a group of passionate and knowledgeable people who employ CBORD systems to the benefit of the constituencies they serve. The UAC serves as a communication link between CBORD and our customers to focus and facilitate customer interest in and use of CBORD systems.

The UAC has been a valuable source of ideas informing CBORD product development and creative applications of our systems. Members of the UAC also contribute their diverse backgrounds and experience to the planning and execution of our annual User Group Conference.

The UAC is organized into Common Interest Groups. Each Common Interest Group has a primary representative and an alternate representative elected for three-year terms. The alternate serves as a backup if the primary cannot attend a meeting. To qualify for candidacy in the UAC, an individual must be an active user of CBORD products in the designated category, attend the User Group Conference, and be willing to participate in meetings and deliberations.

In addition, the UAC elects a Chair from its members who have served one full term. User Advisory Council meetings are held twice each year, in the spring and at the annual User Group Conference.

Activities and responsibilities of UAC members may include:

  • Speaking to potential customers on behalf of CBORD
  • Being a resource for CBORD customers who might have questions
  • Serving as a “sounding board” to CBORD for ideas or issues
  • Contributing articles for publication in the CBORD industry-based eNewsletters
  • Sending pre-conference emails to customers within your Common Interest Group
  • Planning and helping to execute the User Group Conference with the CBORD team
  • Presenting sessions at the User Group Conference

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