This webinar will provide an overview of how to improve food production operations on campus to increase efficiency and reduce waste. Cathy Ness, National Account Manager at CBORD, and Joie Schoonover, Principal Consulting Management of Rippe Associates, will share their years of experience offering best practices and practical tips to reduce food waste in dining operations. The discussion will outline processes allowing for a controlled production environment to close the gap between what is being produced and what is being served.

We will discuss how to implement a meaningful food recovery program. Despite efforts to reduce waste, it will always be a fact that we need to produce more than we can serve. Learn more about preventing usable food from ending up in the garbage and how to get it in the hands of students and community members in need.

Presented by
Joie Schoonover, Rippe Associates
Cathy Ness, CBORD

Originally Presented: 2/21/2017