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Healthcare foodservice executive in cafe

The Future of Healthcare Retail with CBORD & Amazon Just Walk Out

Join CBORD and Amazon to learn about a new shopping experience in healthcare. Just Walk Out technology by Amazon enables consumers to enter a store, grab what they want, and get going without waiting at a checkout line or stopping for a cashier.

Australia bridge and skyline

The Journey to Successful Room Service

Watch our webinar to find out how room service was successfully implemented at The Wesley and The Prince Charles Hospital in Australia. Panelists share their insights and expertise.

Reducing the Pressures of Labor Shortages and Supply Chain Issues with NetMenu

Labor shortages and supply chain difficulties are still top concerns for campus dining programs. Having a foodservice solution that integrates with your main vendors helps address these issues – in addition to reducing costs, improving production efficiency, and boosting revenue.

In this informative webinar, we’ll explore the core features of NetMenu, including how it integrates with your main distributor to help you save time on invoice matching, ordering, substitutions, and price updates. There will also be an opportunity for questions for our experts.

Make the Move to Mobile: First Steps to a Contactless Campus

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how to get your campus ready to go mobile. We’ll outline the essential steps and requirements for transitioning to mobile credentials.

Reducing Food Costs and Minimizing Waste

View the recording to hear from Cathy Ness, our foodservice consultant, as she discusses best practices for leveraging your CBORD solutions to control and analyze food costs and minimize waste.

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Embracing Change: Transitioning to IDDSI

Watch the webinar recording to find out how CBORD’s solutions help you transition to the new International Dysphagia Diet Standards (IDDSI).

Food service consulting with CBORD

Beyond the Technology with CBORD Consulting

Discover how our consultants can help ensure you are getting the most out of your CBORD technology.

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Fully Integrated Foodservice with NetMenu

Watch our recording where we’ll be discussing not only the facts of NetMenu as a solution, but also the benefits NetMenu has brought to a real campus.

Modernize Your POS

Modernize Your Point of Sale

View the webinar recording to learn about the components of a truly modernized POS system and the transition from past to present.

On-Demand Webinars

Our popular webinars offer insights and best practices with real-world applications, presented by CBORD experts, community members, and partners.

The Biometric Advantage

The Biometric Advantage

Watch our webinar to learn from Becky Estey and Shaun Kavanagh of URI on the planning, installation, and enrollment stages of implementing biometric readers and share lessons learned during the process.

ID Works to Instant ID

ID Works to Instant ID

View our recording to hear from Dr. Jagdish Rebello, Entrust, Dave Beckwith, CBORD, and Chris Lockwood, CBORD, on plans to transition you from ID Works to Instant ID.

Mercury Security for CS Access

Mercury Security for CS Access

Watch our webinar to learn how Mercury hardware will future proof your campus security solution and how you can plan a transition from Squadron.

But What About the Keys?

But What About the Keys?

Watch Jeff Koziol and Eli Sanchez as they discuss the business case for campuses to move to electronic access all the way to the student room level.

Transforming Senior Living Communities

Transforming Senior Living Communities

Find out what innovative tools can help you best manage your resident dining and services operation, and hear from Aaron Fields, CIO of St. Ann’s Community, to learn how they’ve incorporated technology as part of their strategic path forward.

Vanderbilt University Goes Mobile

Vanderbilt University Goes Mobile

Watch our on-demand webinar to learn how Vanderbilt University implemented mobile credentials after an impressive three-month process.

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